Innovation in knowledge sharing – Online collaboration: methods and tools

Innovation in knowledge sharing – Online collaboration: methods and tools
26th June, 2017 | Budapest, Hungary


  • More than 25 years have passed since the first e-learning programs and multimedia CDs have appeared in the field of education. The new technology was awaited with high anticipation and was expected to bring revolutionary change, learning and teaching were to be made much more effective by multimedia tools and the Internet. Compared to what was hoped for, the current state of art does not necessarily display a quarter-century-long pilot phase. Nevertheless, in some areas, the experimental phase has already been replaced by best practice methods. During the conference, we plan to share some of these with the participants in order to create a space for the exchange of good practices and facilitate mutual learning with up-to-date results. The chosen topics are closely connected to the ET 2020 strategy, and promote the use of work-based learning methods and open-source learning materials (OER). The aim of the conference is to contribute to the integration of innovative and creative learning methods into the practice of institutions active in the field of vocational- and public education.
  • Sharing experiences and practices, liaison with other specialists and project managers from all over Europe about the topic. Meeting other projects, experts and participate actively in workshops in order to enrich the understanding of digital collaboration methods.
Target groups

The conference is targeted at current project managers and potential applicants of Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects as well as educational experts from the public and vocational education sector with respect to the 2017 year. Active participation is expected from all participants. The participants should be prepared to share their experiences and participate in the workshops. We are looking for project managers who could participate in the workshops, however we are actively seeking participants and experts as well who could join as facilitators by introducing good practices in their project concerning online collaboration methods. We are looking for participants and experts arriving either from school, vocational education, training sector interested in innovative knowledge sharing methods and tools in their field. The participants should be interested in exchanging and developing good practices, methods, materials, tools, pedagogical approaches and/or ways of working in this specific field.
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Application deadline

Wednesday 29th March at 12:00PM (Noon)