Hands on Experience for VET Trainers

22 – 24 November, 2016 | Malta


Profile of participants

Trainers at a VET institution


Themes and goals of the event

The primary objective of institutions specialising in vocational education (VET) is that of offering their students a dynamic and personalised hands-on experience. Successful VET educators require a combination of academic qualifications and work experience in the field taught. The latter is crucial and must be relevant and up-to-date. Technology is also a major attribute and educators need to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the field. Erasmus+ is an ideal programme for VET educators to achieve this, by undertaking focused placements in industry, allowing them to enrich their skills in line with the latest technology.

Expected results

Networking that could lead to new projects in the field; Updating of skills  and the application of the latest technology related to the field.

– Application form (This is to be sent to Mr. Kevin Apap on kevin.apap@gov.mt)
– Draft Programme

Application deadline

Wednesday 2nd November, 2016