Grow up your EVS!

Training Course

28th-31st May 2015

Czech Republic

Training on further development of EVS projects, learning aspects of EVS and competences development of EVS coordinators. Leadership, planning, evaluation, feedback.

Participants can learn how to develop further their EVS projects, how to guide the EVS volunteers through their educational path and how to develop their own skills as EVS project leaders and to avoid burn out.

We will discuss and try to develop skills in such areas as leadership, setting up educational objectives, activity planning, task delegation, evaluation, feedback in EVS. We will try to work with participant´s direct experience as well as with teoretical inputs to the above mentioned topics.

Profile of participant:

– At least two years of direct experience with European voluntary service on position of project coordinator/EVS contact person.
– Willingness to develop his/her competences of EVS coordinator in the fileds of guidance of volunteers, reflection of EVS project, selfreflection and selfevaluation.

Application deadline: 31st March 2015

Extended deadline: 10th April 2015 (Offline Call)

Date of Selection: 21st April 2015

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In order to apply for this training course, you are requested to fill in the offline application form and send it to Ms. Therese Borg Micallef on

This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.