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Use of Competence Based Learning for Fewer Opportunities Young People | 11-17 September 2011 | Antalya Turkey

What did you learn about Competence based learning?

Competence based learning is the ability of a person to perform an activity. It is based on knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Do you have future plans for Future Projects in YiA?

Through the acquaintances made during the course, our organisation has already submitted Part III for a project called ‘Art on my wall’ together with Turkey. Also we are planning a project for the deadline of February 2012 – ‘Young people’s rights and responsibilities’.

“It was a Training Course where learning took place in a very happy environment. New methods and approaches for fewer opportunity young people through non formal learning were learnt. New friendships were born and great memories were taken with us back home. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Maltese Participants from Mosta Youth Empowerment Centre and Befriending Service –Mount Carmel Hospital

Let’s Follow Up | Poland | October 2011

Because of the ‘lets follow up’ project, we are hoping to be able to work with new partner from Portugal and the idea is to implement a parallel project between Malta and Portugal as a Youth Exchange. The project will be on solidarity with the Elderly.

The experience was one which gave each participant a great sense of motivation. Together with a partner from Belguim, we had the opportunity to actually conduct a workshop ourselves which served as an experiment for our TYPE project and the result and feedback was very positive.
Sarah Camilleri Mosta Youth Empowerment Centre

The Tools Fair VI | Estonia | 16-20 November 2011 

The Tool Fair is an inspiration for people working in the Youth field. Being part of the 6th Tool Fair in Tallin has assisted me to develop new ideas and it has given me a dose of energy which will surely last a while. The baggage of Tools that I brought back with me will definitely come in useful.
Josette Camilleri Agenzija Zghazagh

Get Involved, 22-27 November 2011 Romania

Get Involved, Romania, helped me in developing skills, which up to this point of my life, many were intact. These include leadership skills, team work skills, listening and voicing my opinions, and many others. I met so many new people from different nationalities, and together we worked out where the stereotypes for each nationality originated from, and that many stereotypes are not relevant today, as they may have been in the past.

Did you make new friends?
Also, we got to know each other, to facilitate the process of discussion, and teamwork. These people from different countries could be possible partners for Youth in Action Democracy projects in the near future. The tutors were very good, as they did not imply the normal method, that is, they lecture, and the participants sit and listen, but they made good use of informal learning, by having discussions and organizing many useful activities. Since I spent my birthday there, the whole group surprised me with a small party and cake; I really did not expect that they would remember my birthday, but I was thankful. Whilst we were there, we had a small trip to the beautiful city of Brashov. I will definitely not forget these 5 days I spent in Romania, and surely, in the near future, I will be visiting these new friends I met in Romania, in their own country, so that together we will experience each others culture.
Frankie Meliak Nadur Youth Local Council

Creative approaches and methods in YiA Programme, Latvia 14-18 December 2011

The training course “Creative approaches and methods in YiA Programme “ was a great experience were I enhanced my knowledge about innovative ideas and methods, different cultures , met new partners and through this experience I have broaden up my views on various issues that we encounter while organising activities and projects especially in the youth field. If I have to summarise it in few words I would say that if you participate in such a project once then you will start looking forward to organise or participate in the next project.
Marija Borg Mifsud SEYF Malta

Creative approaches and methods in YiA Programme, Latvia 14-18 December 2011

This being my first experience on a training course, I did not know what to expect, so I put on my adventurers hat and set off to Latvia along with Maria. Yet, as soon as I set foot on the plane to Latvia, I was overcome with excitement, for one thing I knew for sure; it was going to be a unique and enriching learning experience.

How was the training course after all?
The training course exceeded my expectations. First of all, the topic of creativity is in itself varied, intriguing and very appealing to my interest. Next to that, all the participants readily contributed to the course with their positive attitude and creative ideas; something which really helped to create a warm working atmosphere and a sense of belonging in a group.

…and the trainers?
On top of that, the trainers were able to vary and adapt their methods and the programme to meet the needs of the group. We discussed, performed, went out on the streets, drew, brainstormed, created, shared our experiences and listened to each other in turn; all in a creative context. A lot of socialising time at hand at the end of each working day allowed everyone to get to know each other better on a personal level. This greatly enhanced my experience because I was able to make friends with people from other countries.

What are you going to do with the results of this Training Course? As soon as I was back in Malta, I could already feel the difference that the training course had made in me. It opened up a lot of new perspectives from which I could regard the world around me. Added to that, I now had a sizeable bunch of creative ideas and methods up my sleeve, ready to be implemented in my organisation.
Manuela Zammit ZAK

Applications submitted to the Maltese NA are open for residents of the Maltese Islands who are active in a group of young people and/or NGO. To participate, a co-funding element of €10 applies.