Freedom Fountain: Youth Culture as Expression of Freedom

Seminar / Conference
13-17 October 2014 | Thessaloniki, Greece


Youth Culture and Youth art as expression of freedom is very important topic to be developed within the EuroMed field. Youth is more and more present in the social and political scene bringing new form of expression. More and more music, grafiti, murales, and so on became a way of expression, of communication with the outside world. Taking in account the political and social changes in the EuroMed area and the role that youth is keeping… that makes this topic very important to explore and, also, to develop educational tools for International youth workers and youth leaders.

Aims and objectives:

• To gather together youth workers and leaders working or motivated to work on youth art and culture in Euro-Med region

• To explore and define Youth Culture and what it means to youth leaders and Euro-Med youth

• To gather best practices, learn from them and inspire with them

• To create new high quality projects and opportunities for Euro-Med youth

• To develop a web resource as educational tool on how to use youth art in International projects as an expression of freedom

Application deadline: 1st September, 2014
Date of Selection: 12th September, 2014


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