Forum on Perspectives of European Cooperation in the Youth Field

Seminar / Conference

27-28 June 2016 | Bonn, Germany


The forum offers the opportunity to meet and reflect on the state of affairs of the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy.


In 2016 the EU Youth Strategy enters its seventh year of existence. A wide range of experiences has been made; now, debates on the impact and perspectives for the period after 2018 are beginning. In spring 2016 the European Commission will present an interim evaluation of the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy, followed by a public consultation. This is an auspicious moment to meet and reflect on the state of affairs of what the so-called “renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field” from 2009 has generated and the changes it has delivered in youth policy at national, regional and local level. A reflection on the present situation also allows for a discussion of ideas and opinions concerning a future open method-based European cooperation in the youth field. This forum will focus on the perspectives offered by the EU Youth Strategy for civil society and its stakeholders, how the Strategy has affected youth policy and youth work, civil society and major youth stakeholders, and how these groups have contributed to its implementation. It will also examine what civil society stakeholders expect from European cooperation in the field of youth in the context of a new EU Youth Strategy.
The forum seeks to:

  • examine the implementation status of the EU Youth Strategy,
  • reflect on the findings of the interim evaluation (impact, themes, instruments), and
  • discuss possible approaches for pursuing and evolving the EU Youth Strategy from 2018 onwards.

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Application deadline: 27th May, 2016

Date of selection: 4th June, 2016


This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.