Filling empty spaces


Center for Contemporary Art “Kronika” in Bytom, Poland


The ” Filling empty spaces” project will be implemented in Bytom in the Centre for Contemporary Art KRONIKA . The project will be focused on working with children and young people from Bytom and other towns nearby, areas are affected with social and cultural problems, lack of job opportunities for young people and insufficient educational and cultural facilities .


The project will involve two volunteers, one from Germany and one from Romania. They will support with the educational program in KRONIKA, organizing language workshops and innovative artistic and cultural activities. The aim of the program is to increase knowledge and skills of young people living in postindustrial cities of Upper Silesia.

The workshops lead by volunteers will introduce young people with new ways of development , leisure and time management , as well as innovative approaches to learning through play, games and contact with art.

Volunteers within 12 months will participate in artistic and educational activities place in KRONIKA. They will take part in the preparation and implementation of language classes based on conversation and spending time together with others . Through meetings with volunteers, children and young people in a natural way will try to speak English. They will also be able to improve the language skills they have already gained.

In addition, volunteers will collaborate in creating educational and cultural activities in KRONIKA. Together with educators to will create classes where they will be talking about important issues like art, culture and social .

Children and young people will learn how to actively participate the local community life, and how to create and change reality of the cities, schools and backyards in which they live and where they spend their free time .

Volunteers will be working mainly with children and young people with lower opportunities . They will have a chance to learn about the environment in which they live on a daily basis, where they spend their time and try to make they dreams come true . Volunteers will be able to compare they experience with the experiences of young people who live in a place like Bytom .

They will also have an opportunity to present their countries , traditions , customs , and those elements that makes us unite or which divides us . In addition, volunteers will have the opportunity to work with an art projects such as: exhibitions, installations, discussions , artistic residences that are organize in KRONIKA . It will allow volunteers to be in contact with representatives of other European countries and the perception of the world that they have and present through art and social projects . They will be involved in work related to the organization of events and their promotion. They will gain skills and experience in managing cultural events. This could be very important for their future careers.