My Favourite Mistake - A training course on supporting positive learning from mistakes

Training Course

8-14 May 2017 | Portugal

The aim of this training course is to focus on learning, how we can come to a new approach for dealing with mistakes and how we can support young people in dealing with mistakes in a positive, constructive way. We will use different methods and techniques, with a strong influence of theatre and reflective techniques, creating an atmosphere in which making mistakes is being experienced, explored and reflected upon.

The objectives of the training course are:
– To reflect about mistakes, the role of mistakes in a learning process and our cultural perception towards mistakes.
– To explore a new approach of techniques and methodologies for learning from mistakes in a positive, constructive way.
– To explore how we can support young people we work with on dealing with mistakes for learning both in formal and non-formal settings
– To explore how a new approach to learning from mistakes is connected to different actions within the Erasmus+ programme

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Application deadline: 4th April, 2017
Date of Selection: 10th April, 2017