FAQs for Study Visits Beneficiaries

I have received a letter saying that my application was approved. Can I start utilizing the funds immediately?


The approval letter is just to notify the beneficiary on the results of the selection process and should NOT be considered as a formal commitment of funds. The beneficiary will be able to utilize the funds, once a contractual agreement is signed between the EUPA and the beneficiary’s institution.


When will I receive the funds?


Once the grant agreement is signed by both NA and the beneficiary (and the funds are made available by the European Commission), the initial payment of 80% of the grant amount specified in the agreement will be made available within 45 calendar days. This is specified in Article 4.1 of the grant agreement signed between you as beneficiary and the EUPA on behalf of European Commission.


Is there any guide that will help me implement the project in the correct manner?


Yes, the Lifelong Learning Programme Guide can be accessed by logging in to www.llp.eupa.org.mt at the Resources section. Moreover, CEDEFOP’s ‘The Participant’s Companion’ handbook will help beneficiaries plan and prepare for a fruitful and successful visit. The guide can be accessed through the Study Visits website. You can also contact the Study Visits Programme Officer for a hard copy of the handbook or for further guidance on the implementation of your visit.


Should I keep any documentation and proof of utilised funds?


Yes, Article 4.2 of the grant agreement specifies what exactly should be kept as justification for expenses to make sure that the visit was successfully undertaken. In case of Study Visits, in addition to the completed final report form, the beneficiary is required to keep travel and accommodation invoices, boarding passes and a certificate of attendance.


In what way must essential and supporting documentation be presented?


All documentation, including final reports, together with required additional documentation, must be spiral bound as one document. If copies of the original are required too, these must be separately spiral bound.


I cannot make it on the dates of the Study Visit I applied for – what should I do? Can I choose another Study Visit?


When changes from the original application are going to occur, it is important that you explain, in writing, the reason/s why you cannot make it on the dates of the study visit. This is done as per Article 10 of the grant agreement. If the reasons specified in the letter are accepted by the EUPA, CEDEFOP will try and re-allocate you to another group of your choice (according to your choices specified in your application). If all groups are full, you will have to apply again for another study visit in the next specified deadline.


When should the final report be submitted to the National Agency?


The deadline for submission of final reports for Study Visits is one month from the end of the visit as specified in Article 2 of the grant agreement.


Where can I find the final report template?


The final report form can be downloaded on the LLP website by clicking here.


On submission of final report, which receipts do I have to include and how should they be presented?


In addition to the completed final report form, the beneficiary is also required to provide copies or originals* of travel and accommodation invoices, boarding passes and a certificate of attendance. This is specified in Article 4.2 of the grant agreement.


*Whereas for grant agreements issued in 2011 copies are being requested, for grant agreements issued in 2012 beneficiaries are being asked to provide originals. Always consult Article 4.2 for the comprehensive list of required documentation.


How shall I submit the Invoices and Boarding Passes  with the Final Report?


Beneficiaries are requested to submit the original invoices and boarding passes and a copy of the latter documents (for LDV Mobility projects this also applies to Pedagogical, Cultural and Linguistic preparation). The originals are to be placed in a plastic folder and annexed to the respective final report, whilst the copies are to be spiral bounded with the final report and other supporting documentation. Once checked by the financial section, the documents shall be collected back from the EUPA’s reception desk and kept within the respective project file.


For how long shall I retain the documentation pertaining to my project?


In relation to project checks and audits by the Maltese National Agency, all documentation should be kept for a period of at least five years after the final payment has been made.


I still have many questions related to my study visit – who should I ask?

Programme Officers within the EUPA are pleased to help you out in your queries. You can call the EUPA on 2558 6130 and ask for the Study Visits Programme Officer. Always quote the reference number of the project so that the officer in charge can look up the details and be in a better position to assist you.