FAQs for Prospective Applicants

Do I qualify for any of the funds?
We support activities for:

–          School children
–          Young people
–          Youth workers
–          School teachers
–          Vocational and University students
–          University staff
–          Apprentices
–          Businesses
–          & many more!


When is the next deadline?
Check “here” (EMBED: http://eupa.org.mt/erasmus-programme/erasmus-registrations/) for the respective deadlines.


Where can I find the application?
Applications for the three Erasmus+ Key Actions are found here.


What kind of documentation do I need to apply?
The list of documents required are found here.


What steps must be followed in order to submit an Erasmus+ project?
Applicants must follow the steps below:

  • Individuals are not entitled to submit project proposals in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, except for individuals applying on behalf of a group of (at least four) young people active in youth work i.e. as an informal group of young people.
  • Each organisation involved in the application must register in the Participant Portal and receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC). PIC obtained from previous EU Programme registrations is valid also for applying under Erasmus+
  • Check the compliance with the Programme criteria for the relevant Action/field.
  • Check the financial conditions.
  • Fill in and submit the online application form (e-form) together with the relevant accompanying documents.


How much funds can I obtain?
Depends on the action being applied for, the amount that an applicant can request should represent the best estimate of the costs. While this might not always be the maximum (as you can apply for lower amounts), please note that should your application be selected, the amount set in the application form CANNOT be increased at a later stage.


“I have no option but to travel the day before and come back on the day after the training. Should I apply for subsistence for the extra days as well or I should only stick to the official days of the mobility.”
A request for grants to travel the day before the activity starts and to return the day after the activity ends are available to beneficiaries, however the amounts applied for CANNOT be increased after the application form has been submitted. Also if one must travel days before the start of the activity or days after the end, a justification is needed for this application. Extra days will not be accepted without any justification.


Can we set a meeting to discuss my application?
Once one has analysed the website, gathered ideas and looked at the application form, a one-to-one meeting can be set for further queries by contacting the communication team on the email:  communications.eupa@gov.mt. Information meetings are also available for the public to participate, when setup from time to time, to help and give practical tips to prospective applicants.