EVS to tackle long term unemployment

Partnership-building Activity

7-11 June 2016 | Bled, Slovenia


This is a long term activity on how to establish reciprocal international EVS partnerships, based on local partnerships between youth organizations and employment offices to encourage long term unemployed young people (aged 18-30) to get involved in EVS.


What will the activity offer?

The activity will offer space for organisations that want to develop long-term partnerships and cooperation projects offering EVS as an option for long-term unemployed young people and those, who already cooperate with employment offices in order to assure the transfer of good practices, identify potential challenges and find suitable solutions.


Who is it for?

Youth organisations with EVS accreditation, who:
• already have experience with EVS projects (sending and hosting)
• wish to develop and offer specialised EVS placements to long-term unemployed young people from their local/regional environments,
• are interested in establishing long-term partnerships with their local employment office;
• are interested in establishing long-term partnerships with organisations with similar interest from abroad;
• are interested in sending and hosting long-term unemployed young people as EVS volunteers;
• are interested in developing and implementing a specific support for this particular target group.


For more information about this course, click here.


Application deadline: 25th April, 2016

Date of selection: 6th May, 2016


This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.