EVS P.M.- EVS Project Management

Training Course
15th – 19th March, 2017 | Mollina (Malaga), Spain

Goal of the training course:
The training course aims to facilitate the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for a quality approach in projects and activities of EVS.

The methodology of this Training Course is based on experiential learning and non-formal education, in an atmosphere where participants can learn from each other (peer to peer learning) and feel empowered to initiate their projects.
As in previous editions, the practical issues will be worked in small groups and the theoretical topics both in plenary and small group. Spaces for participants to share experiences will be provided as it has been noted that in this way participants are more actively involved in the course. Additionally, open sessions will be held so they can raise concerns or problems on EVS related projects and activities SVE.

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Application deadline: 12th February, 2017
Date of Selection: 27th February, 2017