EVS for Employability

Training Course

25thth-29th May 2015

Birmingham, United Kingdom

This 3.5 day workshop is intended for EVS Sending and Receiving Organisations and Mentors. The workshop will look at how competences developed during EVS can be effectively used to boost a volunteer’s employability.

The idea of the EVS Competences project was born in 2012 and further developed by eight National Agencies of the Youth in Action programme, together with two Salto Resource Centres. The common motivation and focus was to explore the relevance of competences developed during the European Voluntary Service project for the labour market.

Following an Evaluation and Planning meeting held in August 2014, the National Agencies of the UK, France, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia, together with Salto Inclusion have decided to take forward some of the recommendations set out in the ‘EVS Competences for Employability’ project narrative report , and hold a 3.5 day workshop to strengthen the role of mentors and Sending and Receiving Organisations in the European Voluntary Service.

Aims and Objectives:

The aim of the course is to address how the key competences in EVS can be captured, recognised and presented by EVS volunteers for prospective employment. We will do this by:

– reflecting on learning support provided to EVS volunteers
– using the latest research on EVS to explore the needs of EVS volunteers as well (as the requirements from employers) related to employability
– exploring tools to capture learning
– practicing how to translate competencies into the diverse language of the job market
– focusing on the next steps that organisations can take to maximise the impact of the course itself

Target Groups:

We would happily accept applications from individuals within organisations currently working within EVS (or that have the intention and capacity to do so in the future) from the following groups:

Youth workers
Youth leaders
Project managers
EVS mentors/tutors

Application deadline: 15th April 2015

Date of Selection: 27th April 2015

Click here for more information about this training course and how to apply for it.

This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.