EVS Competences for Employability Symposium

Seminar / Conference
12th-15th May 2014 | Ljubljana, Slovenia


The international symposium “EVS competences for employability” is part of a greater process, which aims to look into the competences EVS volunteers typically develop in their EVS projects and their relevance for future employment, employability and/or entrepreneurship.


The process so far consisted of national focus groups, surveys and meetings analysing this topic at national levels, while the international symposium will enable mapping national commonalities and differences in this field and gaining a broader European outlook on the topic, which will enable identifying future needs and initiatives in this area and hopefully improve communication and mutual understanding between the employment and youth sectors.


The international symposium will offer an opportunity for participants to exchange on the results of the national surveys and meetings. Moreover, it aims to improve understanding between the employment and youth sectors, specifically with regard to competences developed through non-formal learning within EVS projects. The symposium will also be an opportunity to identify future needs and initiatives in this priority area.


Application deadline: 29th April, 2014
Date of Selection: 1st May, 2014


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