Eurobarometer Survey: Undeclared work in the EU


  • Eurobarometer Survey: Undeclared work in the EU



  • Around one in ten Europeans (11%) admits that they have bought goods or services involving undeclared work in the previous year, while 4% concede that they have themselves received undeclared pay in return for work. Furthermore, one in 30 (3%) was paid partly in cash by his or her employer (“envelope wages”). These are some of the findings of a Eurobarometer survey which shows that undeclared work continues to be widespread in Europe, though the extent and perception of the problem vary from country to country.



  • In April 2014 the Commission is due to propose the creation of a European Platform on the prevention and deterrence of undeclared work, which would bring together Member States’ different enforcement bodies,


  • such as labour inspectorates, social security, tax and migration authorities, and other stakeholders.


  • The Platform would enhance cooperation at EU level in order to prevent and deter undeclared work more efficiently and effectively.


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