Erasmus+KA1 and KA2



We are a vocational High School in Polatli Ankara Turkey.Our school representation is shortly given below.

We are seeking some partner schools for Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2.


1–Erasmus+KA1: School Staff Training: We would like to visit some partner schools to compare the academic circula and educational system of Turkey and host countries.We are open any schools and ideas and we can also host you in Turkey.

The duration can be 5 days including the travel days.


2–Erasmus+KA2: School students Mobility:We have a ready project and we need some partner schools to add them to our project.We will be the coordinator.

Mr.Musa Tokmak and Mrs.Meliha Alpay



The project summary:

The future of Europe depends largely on its youth. One of the objectives of the European council is to reduce the school dropout rate under 10 %. This multilateral comenuis project involves some  schools: from EU countries. The partners have to face the same issue : early leaving school.

Among the proposals of the Council of Europe, school education can be a tool to avoid early leaving school.

school partners  have common characteristics about their students (discriminated population, stemming from urban or rural environment, difficulty for learning, lack of confidence, the family structure(high rate of unemployment, single parent family,)relations sometimes  difficult with the teachers, …).The common idea was :

– how can the work placement experience  be a federative project among the school community inside each school, but also among European students.

– how successful work experiences could help our students to develop their self –esteem, to become more trustful about their skills.

We would like to develop a learning management system with a Moodle platform. From the platform the students will testimony about successful work experience, they will give some advice to their peers and explain the  company’s expectations.The mobility activities will be focused on the labor market in the European community to be prepared to get into  professional life. The mobility experience will enable our students to be proud of their vocational studies, they have valuable skills to pass on to their peers.The mobility will be also an opportunity to both increase our student’s interest to the democratic process and be active European citizens.,


Polatli Kiz Meslek Vocational High School:

Polatli Kız Teknik ve Kız Meslek Lisesi is situated in the Polatlı,Ankara.Polatli is 75 km far from Ankara.It is very easy to arrive our school by bus or on foot from all parts of city.

Our school has 800 m2 of enclosed areas and over 6729 m2 of open area and school building has 3 floors.In our school we have 14 classes,3 vocational ateliers and 3 computer labs.

Our school has also ; a Kindergarten has 50 students,a sports hall, Indoor and outdoor voleyball fields, a canteen.Polatli Anadolu Kız Meslek ve Kız Meslek Lisesi is a state Girls Vocational High school.We have nearly 550 girls and 60 teachers.

Our lessons start at 8.30 a.m. and finish at nearly 3.30 p.m. every day.

In our school, The National Ministry of Education’s Regulations are being applied along with academic programmes to increase our students’ interests and skills and enrich their knowledge.

we have some departments as being Vocational High school.Painting,Child Care and education of pre-child,IT and Computer sciences,Textiles,Tourism and Food.

The students learn some vocational lessons and besides that they also learn some culture lessons.That is,Maths,physics,English language,History,Geography,etc.

We have also some disabled students who are disabled in mentally and physical.They attend the same classes with normal students but they take some speacial programs that belongs to exclusively to them.