Erasmus+ For Refugees and Migrants

Training Course

21-26 May 2017 | İzmir, Turkey

The aim of this training course is to inform youth organizations and youth workers about using Erasmus + programme as a tool and encourage and reinforce them to design required support activities and mechanisms for refugees and migrants.

Furthermore, the course aims to create a basis for a Europe-wide network of youth organizations, which will assist to develop projects related to migrants and refugees by using Erasmus+.

The main objectives are:

• to present deeper information on the basic concepts and existing context related to migration and refugees in Europe.
• to increase knowledge and awareness of the participants on contemporary problems and challenges related to migration, migrants and refugees.
• to provide information on how to use project based methodologies for analysing the problems of refugees/ migrants and developing targeted solutions.
• to provide information on how to use Erasmus + Programme for innovative and project-based solutions on the issue of migration.
• to equip youth workers with effective tools and methods for trainings and activities on young refugees and migrants
• to improve youth organizations’ capacity to work for/with migrants and refugees.
• to develop Europe-wide partnerships for further Erasmus + projects of the youth sector related to migration, migrants and refugees.
• to provide opportunity on exchanging experience and expertise in the field of youth migrants and refugees.

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Application deadline: 26th March, 2017
Date of Selection: 7th April, 2017