Small Collaborative Partnerships

Such projects should be aimed at:
•       Encourage social inclusion & equal opportunities in Sport
•       Promote European traditional sports & games
•       Support the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers & staff of non-profit sport organisations
•       Protect athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training & competition conditions
•       Promote education in & through sport with special focus on skills development
Eligibility for Small Collaborative Partnerships
Any non-profit organization or public body, active in the field of Sport, established in a Programme Country (the applicant) or in any Partner Country. Example of such organisations:
•       A public body in charge of sport at local or regional on national level
•       A National Olympic Committee or National Sport confederation
•       A Sport organization at local, regional or national level
•       A National Sports league
•       A Sports Club
•       An organization or union representing athletes
•       An organization or unions representing professionals and volunteers in sport (such as coaches, managers, etc)
•       An organization representing the ‘sport for all’ movement
•       An organization active in the field of physical activity promotion
•       An organization representing the active leisure sector.
Such projects must be transnational & involves at least 3 organisations from 3 different Programme Conutries. Such a project can last up to 24 months.


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