Not-for-profit European Sport Events

What is a not-for-profit European sport event?

This action provides financial support for the organisation of European-wide sport events. In addition, it may finance national events – organised simultaneously in several European countries by not-for-profit organisations or public bodies – in the context of European events in the field of sport. This action is aimed to:

  • support the implementation, in the field of sport, of EU strategies in the areas of social inclusion and equal opportunities, notably the EU Gender Equality Strategy and the EU Disability Strategy,
  • support the implementation of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines, to encourage participation in sport and physical activity,
  • support the possible organisation of the European Week of Sport.

The expected results of these events are:

  • increased visibility and awareness of events aimed at promoting social inclusion, equal opportunities and health-enhancing physical activity.
  • increased participation in sport, physical activity and volunteering activity.

More information about this Sport Fund can be obtained from here