School Education Staff Mobility

This mobility project can comprise one or more of the following activities:

Staff mobility:

  • a teaching assignment: this Activity allows teachers or other school education staff to teach at a partner school abroad.
  • a staff training: this Activity supports the professional development of teachers, principals, heads of school or other school education staff in the form of: a) participation in structured courses or training events abroad; b) a job shadowing/observation period abroad in a partner school or another relevant organisation active in the field of school education.

These activities are also an opportunity for teachers to gain competences in addressing the needs of pupils with disadvantaged backgrounds. Given the current context concerning young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, particular attention will be also given to support projects that train teachers in such areas as training refugee children, intercultural classrooms, teaching pupils in their second language, classroom tolerance and diversity.


Consortium Coordinators

In Key Action 1 for schools, local and regional school authorities (i.e. a College) and school coordination bodies can act as consortium coordinators and submit an application on behalf of a number of schools. A school coordination body is an organisation (not a school) that has a clear organisational link to the running or management of those schools involved in the consortium partnership in a supervisory, coordinating, administrative support role. This could include:

  • Local Authorities and councils with a role in school education
  • Academy Trusts
  • Local Authority Consortia
  • General Teaching Councils
  • School Federations
  • Teaching School Networks
  • Teacher training faculties of universities

Please note that schools cannot act as consortium coordinators on behalf of other schools. The consortium approach is intended to relieve schools of the administrative burden and make the application process easier. The school coordinating body is responsible for the management, budgeting and reporting related to the project application. Staff from the coordinating organisation are not eligible to undertake any mobility activities; these are limited to staff at the schools involved in the partnership.

For more information regarding this mobility project, refer to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide which can be accessed from here.