Jean Monnet Support to Institutions and Associations

What is “Jean Monnet Support to Institutions and Associations”?

This Jean Monnet action consists of the following:

  • Support to institutions Jean Monnet institutions enhances teacher and training activities on European Union subject areas at the postgraduate level students and/or for other relevant stakeholders. It also fosters activities aimed at collecting, elaborating, analysing and popularizing European Union subjects and their teaching.
  • Support to associations Jean Monnet supports associations that have as their explicit purpose to contribute to the study of the European integration process. Such associations should be interdisciplinary and open to all interested professors, teachers and researchers specialising in European integration in the relevant country or region. They should be representative of the academic community in European integration studies in that country or region. Support can be given only to associations that are officially registered and have independent legal status.

More information can be obtained from here