Jean Monnet Projects

Jean Monnet Projects (Policy Debate with Academic World)

What is a Jean Monnet Project?

Jean Monnet Projects are bottom-up activities supporting innovation, cross-fertilisation and spread of European Union content. These projects will be based on unilateral proposals – although the proposed activities may involve other partners – and may last between 12 and 24 months.

Jean Monnet Projects are aimed at promoting “Innovation”, “Cross-fertilisation” or “Spread content”.

  • “Innovation” projects will explore new angles and different methodologies in view of making European
    Union subjects more attractive and adapted to various kinds of target populations (e.g. projects on Learning EU @ School)
  • “Cross-fertilisation” projects will promote discussion and reflection on European Union issues and enhance knowledge about the Union and its processes. These projects will aim at boosting EU knowledge in specific contexts
  • “Spread content” projects will mainly concern information and dissemination activities.

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