Documenta, European Institute for Training and Development Studies, is a non profit organization working in the field of applied social research settled in Santander, Spain.

We are looking for potential partners to collaborate or share participation in submitting proposals in consideration of 2015 Erasmus+ program, mainly under K2 strand.

We would be glad you consider Documenta as partner in your projects in relation to activities mentioned below. On the other way around, we would like to know what are your areas of interest in order to share with you our own projects.


Since its foundation in 1996, DOCUMENTA has consolidated an experienced cross-disciplinary team which mainly works in the following areas:

• Territorial analysis and strategic planning.

• Integral service to entrepreneurs on training, employment and advising.

•  European programmes’ design and management.

•  Active participation in development cooperation’s projects.

Documenta is active involved on VET and adult learning, teaching methodologies and guidance for trainers. The design and implementation of training/employment pathways has allowed the organization to deploy an expertise which covers from the analysis of training needs in territories, sectors and/or entities to the design and teaching of both classroom and distance learning for adults.

Another of our areas of expertise is Tourism and Culture in which we are actively involved in the Design and management of Plans to dinamize Touristic Products; development of analysis, studies and research; training plans; foros, seminars and public events.


Documenta has over 18 years of experience in design and management of European projects framed within the initiatives LEONARDO, YOUTHSTART, ADAPT, EQUAL, INTERREG, Art.6 ESF, Art.10 FEDER, LLL, ERASMUS+, …

Currently DOCUMENTA collaborates with local, regional and national institutions developing studies about Active Labour Market Policies, skills upgrading in business, guidance, training and labour integration of unemployed.

Documenta philosophy of public/private collaboration and networking is shown by the involvement and membership of many networks for Empowerment of Local Sustainable Development, Creation of Local Employment Pacts, Social Inclusion or Active European Citizenship (Metronet, ITER, SOFI, Monneta, European Civic Forum, etc.). DOCUMENTA is also member of EAPN España-Cantabria (European Antipoverty Network in Cantabria) and develops an intensive voluntary work in empowering and integration of groups at risk of exclusion.


Erasmus + K2:

INMATOUR: the project promotes innovation at the European tourism destinations, through training materials, an online training tool and a European Community of Stakeholders on Tourism Innovation, which will serve to put in contact all the stakeholders and potential beneficiaries of the project in different countries, and exchange ideas and visions.

Within the frame of Lifelong Learning Programme we deal with diverse actual themes such as:

PR-ERF: recognition and development of 8 ERF Key Competences as a package of Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes that all individuals need to acquire through CVET for personal fulfilment, development, inclusion and employment. PR-ERF curriculum is sector specific and will be adapted to the field Personal Assistant. The methodology will comprise an assessment tool to validate competences according to EQF level 4 and identify the gaps towards the CVET program.

Design, update and transference through multimedia training tools, of innovative professional profiles such us the “Innovation Management Agent” profile within INMA project, and the “European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories” profile in GETIR. Both projects leaded and coordinated by Documenta.

Helping to reduce the distance from the labour market and enriching the debate on continuous professional development of guidance through GUIDE! Good Guidance Stories and IGMA “EU INTEGRATIONAGENT” – Innovative Guidance Methodology for Integration of Low-Skilled Immigrants into Adult Education.


Concept of elderly people and sustenaible employment through AGE WORK BALANCE, a project focused on existing measures targeted to older long term unemployed people over 50 in metropolitan and LIKE – Learning through Innovative Management Concepts to Ensure Transfer of Knowledge of Elderly People- aims to study innovative management approaches in HR.

Quality in training and education through QUASYS-VET – Quality Assurance System for Vocational Education and Training according to ISO system and CQAF on line addresses the testing of the elaborated model for QA in VET and the elaboration of an online tool.


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