Dream Catchers

Training Course

25th-30th May 2015

St Germain au Mont d’or (Lyon), France

The major aim of this training course is to support youth/social workers to develop their competences in empowering young people with fewer opportunities to become aware of, and act on, their dreams and visions of their own futures.

For today’s young people – especially those who are NEET or who have more difficulty accessing mobility and employment programmes – the pressure to “get a job” is great – but employment opportunities are scarce.
At the same time, many youth workers – whilst understanding the need of society to see these young people “fitting in” – would like to create the kind of safe environment to help young people develop their competences in a wider sense than that of simply being able to “find employment” or “start up a business” – but, really, to discover what competences they already have – and explore what dreams and passions they might have for creating not only a better future for themselves – but, potentially, also for making more of an impact on the world they live in….

During this training course, participants will be encouraged to

1. explore creative tools, methods and attitudes they can develop to create a safe learning environment where young people can be aware about their strengths and develop self confidence
2. support young people to reconnect with their own dreams and passions and step out of their comfort zones
3. develop their competence to guide, coach and accompany young people in their learning processes
4. meet with their counterparts from other countries to develop and share best practices, tools and methods
5. get to know more about how to use Erasmus+ Programme to meet the needs of young people with fewer opportunities.

Target group: The TC is open to participants coming from various fields working with young people from diverse backgrounds – especially those who are NEET – who want to be better equipped to empower young people to access services, employment and mobility opportunities.

The course will be delivered in English – and a draft programme will be circulated in April.

Application deadline: 10th April 2015

Date of Selection: 27th April 2015

Click here for more information about this training course and how to apply for it

This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.