From Diary to Certificate-Seminar in Bulgaria

Seminar / Conference

26-31 May 2015 | Bulgaria

“From Diary to Certificate“ is a seminar aiming to fill the gap between writing down one’s learning during the project, and describing the acquired competences on a Youthpass certificate. What is such a certificate for, what can one do with it? What should be written on the certificate to make the best out of it? How should one describe the learning outcomes? What and whom should one keep in mind?
And on the other hand: how to best support this process of formulating the learning outcomes, while respecting the individual experiences and achievements?

The seminar will look at the needs of the stakeholders and analyse the challenges in the process, aiming at developing concrete measures to answer these needs and to deal with the challenges. The participating youth workers will get new ideas and tools for helping the young people they work with to give more value to their Youthpass.

Application deadline: 30th March 2015

More information can be found here.