Delay in issuing grant agreements

The European Commission and the National Agencies received a high number of applications and we are pleased to see a high demand all over Europe.

However, due to a number of technical difficulties some National Agencies may not be in a position to sign grant agreements before the starting dates for the respective Key Actions.

Where National Agencies have been able to finalise the selection for the related actions and notified applicants of the results, successful applicants may, depending on the Key Action and field, start implementing activities as early as:

  • 01/06 – for Key Action 1 projects in the fields of education and training
  • 17/06 – for Key Action 1 projects in the field of youth
  • 01/08 – for Key Action 3 projects
  • 01/09 – for Key Action 2 projects.
  • Grant agreements signed by National Agencies after these dates will then retroactively cover the approved activities from the identified starting date, provided that they respect the provisions of the subsequent grant agreements.

    Grant agreements related to applications submitted under Key Activity 1 (with a submission deadline of 17/03, extended to 24/03) should be issued by National Agencies at the end of June/mid-July.

    Grant agreements for applications under Key Actions 2 or 3 (deadline 30/04) should be issued by the late August/mid-September.

    The European Commission and National Agencies will, in the meantime, continue to process applications, and will inform applicants on the selection results at the earliest opportunity.