HOW CSR WORKS? - how the Corporate Social Responsibility can appear in Erasmus+ Youth Programme

Training Course

3rd – 8th November 2014 | Budapest, Hungary

It is an international training course that offers youth leaders, project managers and decision makers in NGOs opportunity to gain useful knowledge and skills how to build cooperation with business sector, with the specific focus on CSR and fundrising.

The ERASMUS+ programme aims to promote synergies,cooperation and cross-fertilisation between the different economic and educational sectors.

The programme supports first and foremost civil organizations but through the
new priority cross – sectoral cooperation; a new economic sector/private sector became a
possible applicant within the program.

The ERASMUS+ Programme aims to promote synergies and cooperation between civil organisation and business sector in order to develop new and innovative educational programs, approaches, methods and tools useful in youth work. CSR provides a frame to achive the above mentioned goals and aims.

According to the European Commission’s definition Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to companies taking responsibility for their impact on society. NGOs and institutions working with young people are perfect partners to create and implement CSR strategies.

The aims of the activity:
– to show to the participants that CSR is equally very useful for all parties
– CSR and fundraising (FR) can be used as instruments to support and to contribute to activities carried out by NGOs
– to introduce the fundraising methods and tools – to give guidlines where and how a civil organization should start? How a civil organization can use the opportunities given by CSR/FR? Also from the business point of view how and why CSR is fruitful?
– to make the participants experience and understand through good practices how a civil
organization can cooperate with a for -profit organization in the frame of CSR.
Target group more detailed:
– people with project implementation experience ( financial and practical sides of a project)
– people who are interested in or engaged in CSR/fundraising
– preference: experience in making cooperations with other sectors
– age: over 18
Dates: 3rd November (arrival until 6pm)–8th November (departure) 2014– 4 full working days

Venue: in Budapest, it is accessible for participants with mobility difficulties (e.g.: wheelchair users)


Kindly click here for more information about this training course and how to apply for it


Application deadline: 28th September, 2014
Date of selection: 9th October, 2014