Cross sectoral seminar on European shared strategies to put in place a coherent involvement of migrants, youth migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Erasmus+

15-17 May 2017 | Rome, Italy

The seminar aims to share tools, practices and methodologies that the participants involved in the field of education use for a coherent participation of migrants and youth migrants. The participants should be youth workers, trainers, youth leaders, project managers, youth policy makers, EVS mentors/tutors.

The aim of the activity is to share tools, practices and methodologies in order to foster the establishment of networks among people working in the different sectors of the programme.

The seminar wishes to become a space where the participants can learn different approaches used to involve youth migrants and migrants in general in the daily life of the local organizations.

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Application deadline: 25th March, 2017
Date of Selection: 15th April, 2017