Contact Seminar “Erasmus+ in the field of School Education”

Contact Seminar
14th – 16th November, 2016 | Dublin, Ireland

Léargas, the Irish National Agency for Erasmus+, is delighted to announce a Contact Seminar “Erasmus+ in the field of School Education”. The seminar will take place from 14th to 16th  November 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. The TCA focuses on School Education, both School Staff Mobility and Strategic Partnerships.

The seminar is targeted at organisations working in or seeking to work in school education as well as school professionals. We are particularly interested in hosting organisations new to Erasmus+ School Education, and organisations seeking to progress from Key Action 1 to Key Action 2.

All costs will be covered by the National Agency (EUPA) and you will only be required to pay a €20 participation fee.

The programme consists of information sharing from experts in the field, rotating workshops, networking activities and project development.

Participants will be supported throughout to develop project ideas and can further this by attending information/application workshops in their respective countries. The programme will include an Irish cultural night.
The working language will be English.

Kindly find the link to the application below.

offline Application form- TCA School Education Contact Seminar

Applications can be sent to

Deadline to submit application form: 7th September 2016