Commission says yes to first successful European Citizens' Initiative


  • Commission says yes to first successful European Citizens’ Initiative



  • Organisers of the Right2Water European Citizens’ Initiative called on the Commission to ensure that all EU citizens enjoy the right to water and  sanitation, to exclude water supply and management of water resources from internal market rules and liberalisation, and to increase its efforts to achieve universal access to water and sanitation around the world.


  • The Commission’s reaction is set out in a Communication outlining the enormous amount of work already done by the EU in the field of water and sanitation.


  • In light of the European Citizens’ Initiative, the Commission identified remaining gaps and areas where more efforts, at EU or national level, need to be made in order to address the concerns motivating this citizens’ call for action. Today the Commission committed itself to concrete steps and new actions in areas that are of direct relevance to the initiative and its goals.


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