"and... what comes after the activity/mobility? DEOR and MOBILITY TOOL"

Training Course
2nd – 8th April, 2017 | Mollina (Málaga), Spain

Goal of the training course:
To improve the quality of the DEOR process of the projects and to reduce the general stress produced by the new Mobility Tool.

During 5 working days we will explore in depth the DEOR and the Mobility tool. We will share good practices about DEOR and we will develop a whole step-to-step process to achieve a good quality process of dissemination and exploitation of results. We will also explore in detail the different parts of the Mobility Tool to let people discover how to manage it and how to deal with it in a positive and enthusiastic way.

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Application deadline: 5th February, 2017
Date of Selection: 1st March, 2017