Clarification 2 - Advt. No. EUPA/03/13. Provision of the European Union Programmes Agency Portal.

To all prospective bidders, Advt. No. EUPA/03/13. Provision of the European Union Programmes Agency Portal. Clarification Number 2
To all prospective bidders,
Advt. No. EUPA/03/13. Provision of the European Union Programmes Agency Portal.
Clarification Number 2
Reference is made to the above-mentioned tender, for which the deadline for submission is on Monday, 25th March, 2013, at 10:00am.
Hereunder, please find a set of clarifications, which are construed to form an integral part of the Tender Document.
Question 1 – What is the budget for this solution please?
Reply 1 – No budgetary allocation has been ring fenced for this project. However, may I refer to page 14, article 32.1, “The sole award criterion will be the price. The contract will be awarded to the cheapest priced tender satisfying the administrative and technical criteria.”
Question 2 – In what format is the data in these websites and which solutions are these websites in?
a. Agency’s main website –
b. Lifelong learning programme –
c. Youth in action programme –
d. Euro Med Platform Website*-
e. Euro Guidance Website*–
f. Euro Desk Website*-
Reply 2 – The websites ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘e’, and ‘f’, store data on MySQL databases, whilst website ‘c’ utilises MS Access database. As for the solution utilised, the websites ‘d’ and ‘e’ make use WordPress CMS, whilst the remaining ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ and ‘f’, utilise propriety CMS developed by third parties.
Question 3 – What does the ‘EUPA internal activity advert space’ feature please (page 36)?
Reply 3 – The idea of internal activity ‘advert’ space is related to the promotion of initiatives undertaken by EUPA directly or jointly with other organisations such as EURES or Agenzija Zghazagh.
Question 4 – For the ‘Track your project submission’ feature will be integrating with one of your existent databases or connecting to a separate database from the website? If yes please provide more information.
Reply 4 – Information is to be posted in a separate database. This shall eventually form an integral part of the agency’s project management application.

Question 5 – The ‘calendar’ function:
a. Please clarify the ‘auto-expire’ requirement?
b. Will the sms gateway be provided by eupa? Have you got any gateway preference?
c. Please explain: “This component should include an online event submission option with subsequent approvals before content is published.”
Reply 5
a. The auto-expire functionality is linked to the time-to-live concept for every information uploaded. Each expired event is to be automatically removed and archived.
b. The SMS gateway is to be provided by the bidder and the contracting authority has no particular preference in this regard.
c. A moderation facility is required in order to vet content before publishing.
Question 6 – Please provide more details on the 3 mobile aps that are requested for android and IOS mobile devices (as specified in section 1.13 of the document.)
Reply 6 – The contracting authority has identified the following apps:
1. Track Your Projects – Provides the status of projects from submission of application to closure.
2. News Items – News notifications that are issued by the agency.
3. EUPA Project Funding Wizard – Refer to Page 41, article 2.2 “Wizard Management”. The following is a typical wizard that has captured the NA’s attention:
Question 7 – Section 1.8 could you please provide us with more information on the Visitor Polls feature requirements?
Reply 7 – The Visitor Polls feature is required to enable the agency to research information amongst its target audience, including both registered and/or unregistered site visitors. Once a poll has expired, it should be archived.
Question 8 – Section 1.9- Please elaborate on the requirements for this feature. Do you mean that you want your own website users to upload pictures and modify content of the site? Generally this is up to the website administrator users only. Please elaborate.
Reply 8 – As indicated on section 1.9, “Visitors should be able to add ther User-Generated Content such as photos and videos to pages within the site”. This feature is to be accompanied by a moderation facility allowing the website administrator to vet uploaded content before is published online.

Question 9 – Please provide information on any other external solutions the website needs to integrate to including the ‘Agency’s CRM’ that is mentioned in section 1.10. Which ‘CRM’ are you using please?

Reply 9 – The Client Relationship Management software at the agency is currently setting up SugarCRM ( ).
Question 10 – Which Electronic newsletter solution is Eupa using (refer to section 1.10)
Reply 10 – The Agency is currently using a propriety solution developed by third parties. The new portal is to include this feature.
Question 11 – Please provide us with additional information on the ‘Geographical information display’ requirement 1.19. Please specify how you will use this feature for EUPA’s requirement.
Reply 11 – The GIS system shall be used by website administrator to post markers detailing information about the various international mobility projects. The contractor has to propose a suitable interface to display such data.
Question 12 – In section 1.31 you refer to the ‘publication library’. Do these require importing from the contractor’s end? Also please provide an indication on the number of files.
Reply 12 – The Publication LIbrary is not required to be populated from the contractor’s end. This shall be done by the contracting authority.
Question 13 – Please provide more information on the ‘partner/organisation/ project idea search (1.23) data structures in the Agency’s CRM.
Reply 13 – The agency’s CRM is currently being setup and consequently the information requested shall be supplied during the envisaged development of the portal.
– Reference is made to the eligibility of proposals (Section 5.3). Kindly note that a company may not tender for a given contract as a joint venture and/or consortium.
– Page 27 of the tender is actually blank and not a mistake.
– The Experts proposed by the bidder are to be annexed with the proposal.