Change mentalities to fight against educational inequalities

Contact Seminar
30th November – 2nd December, 2016 | Brussels, Belgium

This contact seminar will focus on the reduction of the educational inequalities among youngster thanks to connections between formal and informal teaching and learning methodologies.

The title event is:“ Change mentalities to fight against educational inequalities – Building bridges between formal and non-formal education of the youngster”.

The seminar will take place in Brussels on the 30th of November – 2nd of December 2016 and will be open to all Erasmus+ programme countries and all institutions involved in the vocational sector.

The main idea of the seminar is to highlight some innovative and original learning practices that will allow participants to develop projects under Erasmus+ Program (KA 1 or 2) to fight against and reduce the social and educational inequalities among the young learners.

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Application deadline: 7th October, 2016