A Tool for Youthpass

The Aim of this booklet is to help youth workers to familiarise themselves with Youthpass; understanding its purpose, who it is targeted for and why it is valuable. So far, the Youthpass certificate can be issued for  participants participating in projects under the Eramsus + Programme: namely, Key Action 1

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YiA and LLP Testimonials

At the end of 2013, the European Union Programmes Agency produced and published a number of testimonials whereby beneficiaries shared the experience that they gained through participation in the Lifelong learning Programme and the Youth in Action Programme.


These testimonials can be accessed from the following links:


LLP and YiA testimonials Part 1

LLP and YiA testimonials

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Valorisation – Newspaper cutouts 2013

Date of publication: 4th January, 2013

Title: Organisations benefit a total of €340,000 from the Youth in Action Programme

Type of programme: Yout in Action Programme






Date of publication: 5th January, 2013

Title: The European Year of Citizens 2013

Type of programme: Yout in Action  and Lifelong learning Programme




Date of publication: 11th April, 2013

Title: Portal for Young Business Entrepreneurs

Type of

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Environment – A Common Issue

Dingli Youth

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Girl Culture – Teenage life nowadays in Finland and Malta

Acrobelles Youth

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North and South, so far but yet so close

Terra di Mezzo 2000

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Knowing each other through leisure and non formal education for disabled people in Europe


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Sweet 16, Never been … to Vote!

Dingli Local

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‘A Better Way’

Organisation for Friendship in Diversity

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