EVS Competences for Employability Symposium

Seminar / Conference 12th-15th May 2014 | Ljubljana, Slovenia


The international symposium “EVS competences for employability” is part of a greater process, which aims to look into the competences EVS volunteers typically develop in their EVS projects and their relevance for future employment, employability and/or entrepreneurship.


The process so far consisted of national

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Communication Matters

Training Course 5-11 May 2014 | Budapest, Hungary


COMMUNICATION MATTERS offers you the opportunity to share good practices from your projects together with other participants and to approach the communication and PR field from a practical point of view.


It will bring together experienced beneficiaries, newcomers and professionals to learn from practical exercises,

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15th German Child and Youth Welfare Congress (DJHT)

Seminar / Conference 3-5 June 2014 | Berlin, Germany


Every three years, the German Child and Youth Welfare Congress (DJHT) provides a central meeting place for Germany’s child and youth welfare community. The visitors – professionals as well as volunteers from all areas of child and youth welfare – represent associations, financing

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Future of EU cooperation in the field of Youth

Welcome to the international symposium “FUTURE OF EU COOPERATION IN THE FIELD OF YOUTH in the context of the new Erasmus+ programme”



Seminar / Conference 28-30 May 2014 | Ljubljana, Slovenia


The symposium aims to offer space to discuss the future EU cooperation in the field of youth in the context of the

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EMPOWERING WOMEN IV: Youth work for young women entrepreneurship Seminar / Conference


26-31 October 2014 | Turkey


Youth Work can thus play a fundamental role in the empowerment of women, especially in terms of providing opportunities for self-assessment, development of skills and competences and by giving practical support in the attainment of self-realization.


After the

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Next stop : To vote or not to vote?

Seminar / Conference 23-27 April 2014 | Brussels, Belgium – FR


As the European elections and national elections in various EU Member States approach, we take this opportunity to organise a seminar to look at the political and electoral participation of the young people through research findings, the share of existing practices

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Unlocking your potential

Training Course 30th April – 5th May 2014 | Antwerp, Belgium – FL


A training course for youth workers about empowerment of the young people they work with using self-exploration as a tool.


Target Group: This training is aimed at youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers, working in a non-formal learning setting, with

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Project Greenhouse for Inclusion & Participation

Seminar / Conference 5-9 May 2014 | Berlin, Germany


The Project Greenhouse for Inclusion & Participation is an exciting opportunity to develop political participation projects with young people with fewer opportunities, esp. in the new STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS (Key Action 2) within YOUTH IN ACTION (Erasmus+)


This training is recommended for Youth workers, Youth leaders,

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8-12 April 2014 | Malta


In light of the 2014 EP elections (and national elections in certain Member States), a study visit will be held in Malta to explore the country’s high voter turnout. The event is organised by The Maltese National Agency, in co-operation with the Belgian – FR, Danish,

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From Field to Europe International Training Course

23rd – 30th April, 2014 | Mollina Malaga (Spain), Spain


This activity offers extraordinary opportunity for young people involved in agribusiness work in a field of ideas, innovation, research and passion, with the integration of other sectors of the economy, such as the environment, agri-tourism services…


Getting into agribusiness is a real

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