Tool Fair IX

Seminar / Conference 3-7 November 2014 | Romania


The “Tool Fair IX” will be focusing on transferability and adaptation of tools in different sectors. The “Tool Fair IX” offers the opportunity to the people active in the fields of education, training and youth, as well as companies, public authorities, civil

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Hey! What´s going on? Advanced Training on Group Processes and Facilitation

Training Course 6-14 October 2014 | Laugar, Sælingsdal, Iceland


This course is aimed at youth workers, group leaders and trainers with some reflected experience in working with groups. The point of departure for the course is a lived experience of 2-3 days in this group that will be reflected upon

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APPETISER in Sweden -An introduction on how to use the E’rasmus+ Youth in Action’ Programme for international youth work Training Course 8th – 12th October 2014 | Sweden


Appetiser aims to give a strong positive first experience of international youth work and motivate participants to use Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

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Freedom Fountain: Youth Culture as Expression of Freedom

Seminar / Conference 13-17 October 2014 | Thessaloniki, Greece


Youth Culture and Youth art as expression of freedom is very important topic to be developed within the EuroMed field. Youth is more and more present in the social and political scene bringing new form of expression. More and more music,

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Be enterprising: Promoting Transnational Youth Initiatives Through Youth Entrepreneurship

Training Course 8th -13th June 2014 | Viimsi, Estonia


This is a 6 day training course for youth workers and youth leaders.

The main aim of the project is to promote entrepreneurial attitude that can be applied and developed by creating transnational youth initiatives. During the training course

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EVS Competences for Employability Symposium

Seminar / Conference 12th-15th May 2014 | Ljubljana, Slovenia


The international symposium “EVS competences for employability” is part of a greater process, which aims to look into the competences EVS volunteers typically develop in their EVS projects and their relevance for future employment, employability and/or entrepreneurship.


The process so far consisted of national

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Communication Matters

Training Course 5-11 May 2014 | Budapest, Hungary


COMMUNICATION MATTERS offers you the opportunity to share good practices from your projects together with other participants and to approach the communication and PR field from a practical point of view.


It will bring together experienced beneficiaries, newcomers and professionals to learn from practical exercises,

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15th German Child and Youth Welfare Congress (DJHT)

Seminar / Conference 3-5 June 2014 | Berlin, Germany


Every three years, the German Child and Youth Welfare Congress (DJHT) provides a central meeting place for Germany’s child and youth welfare community. The visitors – professionals as well as volunteers from all areas of child and youth welfare – represent associations, financing

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Future of EU cooperation in the field of Youth

Welcome to the international symposium “FUTURE OF EU COOPERATION IN THE FIELD OF YOUTH in the context of the new Erasmus+ programme”



Seminar / Conference 28-30 May 2014 | Ljubljana, Slovenia


The symposium aims to offer space to discuss the future EU cooperation in the field of youth in the context of the

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EMPOWERING WOMEN IV: Youth work for young women entrepreneurship Seminar / Conference


26-31 October 2014 | Turkey


Youth Work can thus play a fundamental role in the empowerment of women, especially in terms of providing opportunities for self-assessment, development of skills and competences and by giving practical support in the attainment of self-realization.


After the

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