Training Seminar on impact and dissemination for strategic partnerships

The “Training Seminar on impact and dissemination for strategic partnerships” is going to be held in Bordeaux, France between the 21-23 March 2018. The main objective of this TCA is that of optimising Erasmus+ project implementation in the area of impact and dissemination. It is targeting the Education and Training sector,

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Call for Trainer

The Ideal Trainer is expected to:

– Have a thorough and extensive knowledge on Vocational Education and Training and the Erasmus+ Programme; – Have the competence to include a European Dimension in the training to develop the necessary knowhow on the values and purposes of the Erasmus+ Programme; – Be able to

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Star of Europe

Training Course 13-17 February 2018 | Kayseri, Turkey

“The Star of Europe” training course tackles every phase of a youth exchange project and takes a step by step journey through youth participation and partnership by using visual material from the old Finnish game called “The Star of Africa”.

The aim

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BiTriMulti (BTM) – Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges

Training Course 20-24 February 2018 | Ireland

The aim of the BiTriMulti course is to offer an international learning experience for practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects; especially newcomers to this field


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Tuning In: to Learning and Youthpass

Training Course 19-24 February 2018 | Italy This four-day training course provides practical support to facilitating learning in youth work activities, based on the concept of the Youthpass process.

There is a lot of learning taking place in youth work. There is also growing attention on how to make better use of that

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ATOQ GR- Advanced Training on Quality in Greece


Training Course 16 – 21 October | Greece

ATOQ training course aim at increasing quality within youth exchanges. Based on previous exchanges, an international group of youth workers will focus on quality aspects and improve management competences in order to raise quality of future exchanges.


Detailed information and online registration can be found

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Youth Work Against Violent Radicalisation


Seminar/Conference 27 November – 1 December 2017 | Malta

Youth work has a very important role to play in the prevention of violent radicalisation, supporting and empowering young people to deal with challenges they face and strengthening their resilience. Youth work is particularly important as one of the instruments against violent radicalisation, as

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Democracy Reloaded Study Visit


Study Visit 22 – 27 October | Lisbon, Portugal

The Study Visit will be a great opportunity for different representatives of local and regional public authorities and youth organisations active at regional or local level to think and work together. Therefore, we would encourage your organisation/institution also to invite a representative of

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Building from within: Paths to increase the participation of young migrants


Training Course 26 November – 2 December | Portimao, Portugal

The course will enable young migrants and young people with migrant background, such as, community leaders; youth workers and those active in local community working with young migrants, to gain knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully increase the participation of young migrants

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Sports Activities as a Tool for Empowering Social Inclusion

Training Course 22-29 October, 2017 | Cyprus

The aim of this training is to increase the awareness and develop the competences of 27 people working with youngsters at risk of social exclusion on how to use education through sports for: improving their knowledge on inclusive practices, enriching their portfolio using specific tools and methods,

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