Carpe Diem

Culture Fusion

Title: Carpe Diem
Organization: Culture Fusion
Activity Dates: 01.09.09 – 01.02.10
Partner Group: Poland, Romania, Latvia, Slovenia
Number of Maltese Participants: 27
Country: Malta

The youth exchange consisted of 27 young people hailing from 5 different countries whereby young people were involved in various activities and workshops. The themes concerned were Art and Culture, and European Awareness. The non-formal methods used encouraged participants to become more aware of the multiple aspects of diversity as well as the multicultural nature of the Europe that they live in. At the same time, the following issues were promoted: active citizenship, development of solidarity and tolerance among young people, as well as the guarantee of mutual understanding between young people from different countries having distinct cultural backgrounds.

The youth exchange created awareness among the young people in relation to the significance and advantages of a multicultural society. Specifically, the activity taught the participants how to work together in the face of different cultural backgrounds within an informal environment.

From an artistic point of view, the young people explored many signs and symbols associated with their cultures and countries. Each worked in a team to gather these symbols together through the use of paint, materials and photography. From the social point of view, young people have learnt a lot from each other as a result of discussions, role plays and other workshops. This was all in hope of fighting any stereotype and prejudice associated with the participating groups.

Targ Target: Young people from different cultural backgrounds who were willing to learn from working together.

About the beneficiary: Carpe Diem is an informal group of young people from Malta which has been participating in various EU-funded programmes. The group’s main interest consists of intercultural learning. It believes that the young generation is the best target group to carry out such initiatives as they are fun yet equally foster deeper European values such as diversity, human rights and democracy.