Call for proposals- Key Action 3: Support for policy reform

Development of an ECVET implementation mechanism for vocational qualifications of profession I, profession II and profession III in Cyprus and two more  European Member States.


WP1: Collection of the existing legislative framework at national level, concerning the vocational validation mechanism of formal, non-formal and informal education.  Construct a data base of all relevant national bodies involved in the validation of vocational qualifications (in each one EU national partner’s level).

WP2: Configure an ECVETs estimation mechanism at national level for each one of the three selected professions.

WP3: Integration of  ECVETs estimation  mechanisms  of proposed by the partners for each one of the three selected professions and configuration a  commonly accepted ECVETs estimation mechanism that can be implemented on each one of the EU partner country for the selected professions (I, II and III).

WP4: Suggestions for policy making in setting the constructed ECVETs  estimation mechanism, applicable in more than the concerned professions.

More information can be found here and here.