CALL FOR PARTNERS- Training Course and Seminar in Sicily


This project proposal is a seminar which will gather 28 participants from 14 different organizations in Sicily in September 2015  in order to share best practices in youth work in the frame of Erasmus+ “Youth in Action”. Topics which will be faced are: active participation of young people, social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, NEETS, youth entrepreneurship, impact ( local impact)of the project, intercultural learning and promotion of tolerance in international projects, environmental awareness. Particular focus will be given to project in the frame of Erasmus Plus.

Participating organizations  have to send participants with experience with youth work which want to share their best practices and experiences with Erasmus Plus project or “Old Youth in Action Programme”. Sanded participants will have to be able take active role in seminar.

How to candidate?
1.Write us  your PIC
2.Let us know in which topics could your organisation contribute (you can also add the topic).

2. Applicant: Associazione ICARUS  –   17.8. – 24. 8. 2015

Training Course:  Forever YOUNG! – How to develop projects within Erasmus+ “Youth in Action” with active involvement of young people with fewer opportunities and NEETs.

What it is?

Training Course Forever Young aims to give to participants skills and competencies in developing sucesful project within Erasmus + “Youth in Action” with high involvement and active participation of young people in all stages of project cycle. Project will gather 24 participants from 12 organisations for 7 days in Sicily, Italy. Participants will gain competencies in project  development and management, will get familiar with objectives and priorities of Erasmus + “Youth in Action and will learn, share, experiment and invent methods and tools which will facilitate active involvement of young people in all stages of project to raise the quality of project within Erasmus+.


We are searching organisations which work with young people and want to give them more active role in all stages of project. Precedence will be given to organisations which work with NEETs or other groups of disadvantage youth. Selected organisations will have to send to Training Course one youthworker and one active volunteer.

How to candidate?
1.Write us  your PIC
2. Please describe what is main target group of your organisation.

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