Call for Partners: Strategic Partnership in the field of Education, Training and Youth (KA2) – Adult Education

Country: Cyprus

Programme:Strategic Partnership in the field of Education, Training and Youth (KA2) – Adult Education

City: Larnaka

Contact person:Asimina Galanopoulou

Contact email:

Organisation Profile:

Our school is calling ‘Esperino Gymnasio kai Lykeio Larnakas”, that means

“Larnaca Evening School Gymnasium and Lyceum”. The school is a second chance public secondary school situated in Larnaca, a town at the south coast of Cyprus. In our school there are two sectors: classical studies and economical studies/sector.

Our school welcomes students from the age of 17 who abandoned secondary education for various socio-economic reasons. Most of the students are working during the day and they are attending evening classes. The school population also consists of some migrants. The school provides to students a variety of courses that prepare them for a successful entrance in public universities and gives them the qualifications for a job career as our students can adopt the Certificate of completing the Secondary Education.

Our institution have the experience of other European Programmes the last two years:


Organisation name: “Esperino Gymnasio kai Lykeio Larnakas”

Organisation phone: 0035724362787


Organisation type: Non –profit organization (public school)

Description of the Programme:


Title: “ Implementing Adult Education’s principles in Practice”


A basic principle in Adult Education is the involvement of learners in every phase of design and implementation of the educational process. Learners need constantly to plan, implement and evaluate their own natural learning episodes. Simultaneously, another basic principle is to connect new material with their own experience. Learners  constantly have to bring forward their personal experience in the learning process and to make it available to the group.

Adult educators should know the motivation of adult learning, the role of the impact of success or failure, the influence of the group itself,  so that they can eliminate the barriers and the obstacles that operate as waiver mechanisms for them to abandon education for second or third time in their lives.

With this programme we intend to:

-Exchange ideas and practices concerning adult education issues  (teaching methods, applying principles in adult learning)

-To Create a «Good guide for Adult educators»

– To organize lesson plans (Workshops) in various teaching subjects by applying the basic principles of adult education / learning in practice

– To organize the sampling courses based on the above principles involving adults students / exchange practices at European level. The learning process will cover all stages (organization, planning, implementation, evaluation)

– To create  a (database / network) in which we constantly upload  our teaching proposals, our findings, the feedback that we get

– To realise elearning environments so as to support Adult Learning