Call for Partners! Intercultural Association Mobility Friends

Intercultural Association Mobility Friends has been working in mobility programmes since May 2012. With 2 years of experience and more than 1800 participants hosted in the past months, the Intercultural Association Mobility Friends is the largest hosting organisation for European Projects in Portugal.

We are based in Braga District, northern Portugal, very close of Atlantic Ocean.

In Portugal, we can organize mobilities in Braga, Barcelos, Esposende Beach, Praia da Rocha (Algarve) and Funchal (Madeira Island).

We can also organize mobilities in Poland (Radom) and Hungary (Budapest), because we have our staff. In others european countries, we work in cooperation with companies, schools, universities, training centers, public organizations and job offices  with experience, that are available to organize with us, mobilities chosen by our participants.

Our aim is to find and organise work placements, Job Shadowing, technical and professional visits, cultural visits, training courses and language courses which are beneficial for the professional, social, cultural and personal skills of the participants.

We are very proud because the project LDV-MOB 8/13 (IVT) “Visual mercandiser-skills for the past or for the future?”, from School Centre Srečko Kosovel Sežana (Slovenia), who had Intercultural Association Mobility Friends as partner, was recognized as “The example of best practice” by Slovenian National Agency.

The projects “To Have Practical Training About Nursing In The European Union Countries – 2013-1-TR-LEO01-48952”, from Kars Faik Fikriye Torunoğulları Anadolu Sağlık Meslek Lisesi (Turkey) and “Bolgesel Politika Gelistirmek için Mesleki Egitimde Kalite Standardı Olusturma Projesi – 2013-1-TR-LEO03-49571”, from Yalova Valiligi (Turkey), who has Intercultural Association Mobility Friends as partner, were recognized as good examples of cooperation between portuguese and turkish organizations, by Turkish National Agency.

We pride ourselves on offering the best possible experience to all participants by providing: Airport transfer, Orientation Meeting, Accommodation, 24/7 emergency support, Sport activities, Certificates and Europass.

The Intercultural Association Mobility Friends is committed to the personal and professional development of young people and professionals. We work in cooperation with our international partners in order to assure smooth management of the project and a successful experience for the participants.

We are very keen to develop long-term and successful partnerships with different organisations and we would be delighted if you decide to cooperate with us.

If you have an approved projects and/or are looking for a partner from Portugal, Poland, Hungary or others countries who is both highly successful and also competitive on prices then we look forward to hearing from you.

If you are an experienced project coordinator or if this is the first time that you will take part in a European project, we would be delighted to work together.

In 2014 our staff collaborated in applications and the development of Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus + projects of our partners, which were approved in 20 countries (Spain, Italy, Croatia, Belgium, Macedonia, England, France, Poland, Estonian, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania).

We can provide an intercultural atmosphere for your group of participants, because all months we receive people of different nationalities.

We would be glad to provide you with further information and welcome you for a preparatory visit in our region.

We appreciate if you can forward this message to your headmasters, projects coordinators, teachers, students, colleagues, experts, bosses, managers, co-workers, workers, friends or network.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question, more details and for partnership proposals. We will be happy to help to you.

We have good prices for groups. We adapt to his budget.

In attachment you can find further information.

Hoping we will have a chance to cooperate in the future.  We can provide the mobility of your dreams. 

We would be delighted if we could provide you the PIC number, letter of Intent, mandate or the invitation for the visa in order to participate in your project as a partner.

Intercultural Association Mobility Friends is your mobility partner.