Call for partners: Increasing the success of the hearing-impaired students

The high school for hearing-impaired students in the city of Konya, Turkey is looking for project partners

The subject of the project is to increase the success of the hearing- impaired students (aged between 14 and 19) at the level of the secondary education and also get them to learn more efficiently than ever.

In this context, the project aims to examine and reseach some systems such as Total Communication and Ched Speech in which various visual clues are used, to provide the education with instructional materials which are supported by visual stimulations and sign language, to observe the acoustic classes prepared for the hearing impaired students, to get information about some supplementary technology such as FM and also to view and learn other similar approaches, applications, equipments and facilities used in this field for promoting the hearing-impaired students’ educational achievements.

The school would like to observe and learn all different approaches and applications regarding the issue just in their places to develope itself, to provide the students with better information and orientation, to raise more educated and experienced teachers with more communicative skills in this respect, to improve the physical terms of the schools for a more modern and regular education, and share all its experiences with other hearing –impaired schools all around the world at the same time.

In conclusion, the school is looking for “project partners” to observe and learn different views and applications with respect to instructional materials and methods used to educate the hearing-impaired students.

If you are interested with the project, please urgently contact the school on the following e-mail attaching your partner information form and PIC number:



With my best wishes.




The Principal of “High School of Konevi Private Vocational Education”

Konya, Turkey