Call for Partners-Future Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

From 01 July 2015 – 01 October 2016, Kayseri, Turkey

The overall project is about gaining relevant practical experience in using CEFE (Competency based Economies, Formation of Enterprise) methodology after the Training of Trainers. The project is designed to be consisted by three consequential connected activities: 1. Training course “CEFE Training of Trainers” (01– 14 September 2015) – Kayseri, Turkey 2. Coached course: “Become an Entrepreneur” (31 April – 07 May 2016) – Kayseri, Turkey 3. Online Evaluation of trainers (June 2016) Participants will increase their knowledge about the wide range of CEFE utilization. They will gain the competence to design own tailor-made and new exercises as well as to create training programs for acquiring entrepreneurial skills. They will be mentored and coached in application to deliver a training course on “real” participants and over all will be excellent competent to raising the employment level among the youth population in Europe.

Call for Partners-Future Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

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