SEMINAR ON STRUCTURED DIALOGUE for members of national working groups


13th-16th April 2015

City Hotel, Ljubljana, Sovenia

The seminar will gather high level representatives of National working groups (NWG) for structured dialogue (SD) process from different EU countries to reflect on past and future implementation of structured dialogue on national and EU level.

– To empower NWGs in the field of implementing structured dialogue at all levels, with emphasis on national level
– To empower NWGs in the process of follow-up and implementation of recommendations at different levels
– To reflect on the new cycle and new methodology used in SD process and providing feedback to the European Steering Committee and the European Commission


– Explore the role and competences of NWGs in different countries
– Present different approaches used to ensure follow up and implementation of the recommendations at different levels
– Share best practices and examples
– Prepare feedback and recommendations for the improvement of SD process


During the two day meeting of representatives of NWGs, participants will address the challenges that have been present in SD process for significant time already and are relevant for local, regional, national and European level. By sharing their experiences and providing information about different national realities, good practices will be illustrated, defined and shared with others. Since the participants involved in SD at all levels have many times identified that follow-up to the process and implementation of structured dialogue are crucial (and not only consultations with young people), participants of the meeting will try to define what is the role of NWGs also in this part of the process and what kind of support is needed for that. Besides focusing mostly on national level, the second day of the meeting will be dedicated to looking at the current European process of SD and the new proposal of the cycles and preparing comments for the upcoming review process, which will take place in Brussels in May 2015.

Application deadline: 13th March 2015

Date of Selection: 18th March 2015

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This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.