Boal's and Freire's approaches with disadvantaged groups

(Training under Erasmus plus)

CONTENTS: the training explores the Boal’s and Freire’s theories and how to use these approaches to work with marginalised groups: prisoners, migrants, youth at risk, etc.

Participants, following the process of building a Forum play, will learn how to use Boal’s method; finally they will be asked to create their own concept of training for a real group. Games and techniques will be used and explained. Space also will be given to participants to lead some moment of the training and to have feedbacks.

It is not required to have a big experience but we would prefer who has even a little Boal’s or Freire’s practice, or at least a theatre or socio-educational work with marginalised groups.


DATE: 24-29th of November 2014, 6 hours a day, 9.30-17.30 with break fore meal.




PLACE: Casaltone, close to Parma, Italy, in a residential structure in the countryside.

TRAINER: Roberto Mazzini by Giolli.

WORKING LANGUAGE: English with little summaries in Italian if needed.

COSTS: for people granted by Erasmus plus program: 420,00 Euro for course fee, 300,00 Euro for subsistence and accommodation.

For people with no grant we offer a minor price:

  • 300,00 Euro as course fee plus 210,00 Euro for meals and accommodation
  • Possible discount for group of 3 people at least or for the ones who pay off all by 30th of September: 310,00 Euro for course, meals and accommodation.