Accreditation Process for NGOs in Meda Countries

How to get the accreditation…

Any organisation from South Mediterranean countries wishing to be involved into EVS as sending or receiving organisation must be accredited (in 2014 the accreditation is optional, in 2015 it will be compulsory). Accreditation serves to gain access to EVS and to ensure a common quality standard.


Interested organisations can apply for accreditation at any time. Ideally, accreditation will be carried out within 2-3 months after receipt of formally eligible Accreditation Application.


How to apply…


1) PIC: First of all, interested organisations must register and provide their basic legal and financial data in the Unique Registration Facility (URF) of the European Commission’s Participant Portal. Once the registration in the Participant Portal is completed, the organisation will obtain a nine-digit PIC number. The PIC is a unique identifier which enables the organisation to take advantage of on-line application forms. Detailed information on how to register in URF and obtain a PIC number is provided in the Programme Guide, page 191. Further information on accreditation can be found page 228.


2) Accreditation Application online:


The organisation is invited to fill in the electronic Accreditation Application


Please open the PDF and you should full fill and submit online. You shouldn’t send it by e mail, but using the system online.


You have to choose the National Agency that will receive your Accreditation, you have to select


In case of questions, please write to: