Volunteers needed - EVS: Latvia

Tukums, Latvia

General information:

The project is going to host 2 volunteers in town of Tukums.

Volunteers are going to work in Tukums County Social Services (Disabled people day centre and Youth social centre). At the moment there are 2 volunteers who are here 12 months starting from October 2014. They are volunteers from Germany and Italy and if you are interested about project and volunteers life in Tukums, please read their blog: https://volunteersintukums.wordpress.com/

Duration of the project:

1.10.2015. – 30.09.2016. (12 months)

About hosting organization Tukums County Social Service:

In 2009 Tukums municipality agency “Tukums County Social Service” (hereinafter – the Agency) is Tukums District Council (hereinafter – the Council) under the supervision of the existing local authority, established under the Law on Public Agencies to provide social assistance, organization and provide of social services Tukums county administrative territory in accordance with the management agreement between a council Chairman and Director of the Agency.

The Agency shall provide the residents of the municipality of the needs of social services and social assistance. In cooperation with other institutions, associations and foundations, non-governmental organizations and religious denominations to promote a favorable social environment in the territory of the municipality. The Agency manages and implements Tukums municipality projects and programs within their competence
The Agency has a duty to inform citizens about their rights and the possibility to receive social services and social assistance, on receipt of the order and the work of the Agency. Every day to provided social work with individuals, families and groups of people, professional assessment of the needs of people, material and personal resources; the person organizing the necessary social services and social assistance for solving social problems.. The Agency is created informative database, which can help to social assistance and social services. Ensuring exchange of information in cooperation with Latvian and international institutions.

Proposed activities:

Tukums County Social Service locates in the centre of Tukums town in building where under one roof there are units of Department of Social Services – Youth social centre and Disability Day Centre “Saime”. Volunteers will work with costumers in these units. The proposed activities are:

Activities with children and youngsters in Youth Social Centre:

– creative activities together with children
– language and cultural afternoons for children
– cooking activities together with children
– games, table games and other free time activities
– indoor and outdoor sport activities
– assistance for staff organizing camps , walks, celebrations, festivals and other activities for children and youngsters.

In Disability Day Centre “Saime”:

– creative activities / workshops and handicrafts together with customers
– language and cultural afternoons
– assistance for staff in organization of activities for customers (indoor and outdoor activities)
– supporting customers in their activities in the centre.

A regular weekly schedule:

Saturday-Sunday: days off

Time to time organization has activities during weekends and late evenings so volunteer will need to be flexible and adjust their schedule. Volunteer will be actively involved in organization as a team member.
Practical issues: Volunteers will share rented flat in town of Tukums. They will receive money for the food as well they will be provided with luch at hosting organization.

For potencial volunteers:

We are looking for volunteers who interested in work with people – disabled people and children and make their everyday lives more colorful.

We don’t ask special skills or education background, but knowledge of basic English or Russian could be helpful for daily communication with our target group.
The volunteers will be chosen by the CV and the motivation letter and after that skype concersation.