EVS vacancies in Portugal

The municipality of Odemira (Portugal) has currently 6 open vacancies for EVS (European Voluntary Service), in 6 different associations working with the local community.
The volunteering projects will last one year (01/09/2015 until 31/08/2016). This project is currently being built and will be submitted for support by Youth in Action/ Erasmus+ program.
The six different projects are described in detail in the document attached.

Young people (17-30 years old) must apply until 28th February, sending CV and motivation letter to juventude@cm-odemira.pt

Participating volunteers receive free accomodation, food, insurance and pocket money for the whole period of the project. Travel costs are partially covered.
All information on the European Voluntary Service at http://europa.eu/youth/eu/article/46/73_en

Detailed information can be found here